anynines Public PaaS

We will use anynines public PaaS for this class.

If you already have the CLI, be sure you have the most recent version.

  cf --version
  cf version 6.35.2+88a03e995.2018-03-15

If your version is not more recent that this one, please install the latest.

Checking Your Work

Be sure you have correctly installed the cli. From a terminal window/command prompt:


You should see the self documenting help text. This will be very useful as you go through the class.

CF Help

If you checked your work, you noticed the CF cli is self documenting. You can run cf help at any time to see a list of commands. You can also run cf <SOME_COMMAND> --help to see the details for a specific command.

Login & Target

Use cf login to target and login to anynines public PaaS.

If you are new to anynines public PaaS, you will notice that three spaces has been created for you (production, development, test).

Checking Your Work

You should see output similar to:

cf login
API endpoint:



Targeted org owolf+cftraining_anynines_com

Select a space (or press enter to skip):
1. production
2. staging
3. test

Space> 3
Targeted space test

API endpoint: (API version: 2.100.0)
Org:            owolf+cftraining_anynines_com
Space:          test

Alternatively, you can check where you are logged in and targeted at anytime using cf target.

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